Flir PathFindIR Thermal Imaging Video Camera

Flir PathFindIR Thermal Imaging Video Camera

Driving at night is potentially one of the most dangerous things you can do. During the day, you can literally see for miles, while at night you may not be able to see beyond your headlights – or worse, you can be blinded by oncoming headlights. The fact is, you have less time to react to road hazards when you rely on your headlights alone, and the problem is much worse at high speeds.

Flir’s PathFindIR significantly reduces these hazards by allowing you to see more than four times farther than your headlights and to see in total darkness, through dust and smoke and oncoming headlights. It is a compact, sealed thermal imaging system that fits easily behind grills and in tight places. Video from the PathFindIR is easily displayed on most factory installed or aftermarket video monitors. In a fraction of a second you can gain valuable information, similar to checking your speedometer or glancing at your side-view mirror. This revolutionary nighttime driving aid is based on the same high-tech thermal imaging used by the military, and has already been embraced by automakers like BMW. Unlike standard video cameras that create images based on visible light, thermal imagers see subtle differences in temperature. Warm objects appear white and cooler objects appear black, and since it detects heat rather than light the PathFindIR is not affected by oncoming headlights.

Most of the common driving hazards show up clearly in thermal imagery, including animals that are naturally camouflaged, pedestrians, or stalled cars. Vehicle headlights provide between 250 and 450 feet of moderate illumination – PathFindIR provides an effective range up to four times farther. Why is this important? Because stopping distances depend on three things: First is the distance covered between the time your eyes see a hazard and your brain recognizes it, then your brain must order your foot to react, and then the brakes must stop the vehicle. Even an alert driver with good brakes on dry pavement can easily outrun his headlights at high speeds, and bad weather conditions or poorly maintained brakes can make it difficult to stop at any speed.

PathFindIR gives you extra time to react to hazards beyond your headlights illumination. While your headlights remain the primary source of illumination, this system is a supplemental driver’s enhancement for anyone who drives at night.

As the largest commercial thermal imaging company in the world, Flir has leveraged years of experience into the development of PathFindIR. The result? A revolutionary nighttime driving aid. You can take confidence in Flir’s thermal imaging systems, just like the US military and thousands of other agencies around the world.